Shuttle Life
Malaysia | 2017 | 91’ | DCP | Color | Mandarin | Group: C

Director: Seng Kiat Tan

Dec 13 (Wed) 18:45 Cinematheque‧Passion

Ah Qiang lives in Kuala Lumpur and struggles to care for his mentally unstable mother and  five year-old sister, Hui, while working odd jobs, stealing car parts with his friends and scouring the city for water. Tragedy strikes on Hui’s sixth birthday when a speeding car kills her in an accident. The grief-stricken Ah Qiang is desperate to claim his sister’s body. Unfortunately, he can’t prove his relation with Hui as she was never registered at birth, thus forcing him to face this particular predicament on his own.


Seng Kiat Tan

Director Seng Kiat Tan

Producer Jin Ong

Cast Sylvia Chang, Jack Tan, Angel Chan, Mei Yan Gan, Juztin Lan

Scriptwriter Seng Kiat Tan

Cinematographer Ko Chin Chen

Editor Hsiao Tung Chen

Production Design

Sound Kuan Ting Chen

Music Onn San

Sound Design

Production More Entertainment Sdn Bhd

Distributor Golden Scene Company Limited

World Sales MM2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd