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Israel, Germany, France and Switzerland | 2017 | 113’ | DCP | Color | Hebrew, German | Group: C

Director: Samuel Maoz

Dec 12 (Tue) 21:00 Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium

Michael and Dafna are devastated when Israeli military officials show up at their home to announce the death of their conscript son Jonathan. Michael becomes increasingly frustrated by overzealous mourning relatives and well-meaning army bureaucrats. While his sedated wife rests, Michael spirals into a whirlwind of anger only to experience one of life’s unfathomable twists. Could it be that his son hasn’t actually died? Could this be a mistake as surreal as Jonathan’s own experiences manning an army roadblock in the far north of Israel? 


Samuel Maoz

Samuel Maoz was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1962. At 13, he received an 8mm movie camera and a roll of film as a gift, and, by 18, had already made dozens of films. His life changed when he trained as a gunner in a tank crew as a young soldier and went to war in Lebanon. He completed his film studies in 1987 but it took him 20 more years to finish his first feature film Lebanon, about a tank crew at war. The film won the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival in 2009. Foxtrot is his second feature and also played in competition in Venice where it won the Grand Jury Prize.

Director Samuel Maoz


Cast Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler, Yonatan Shiray

Scriptwriter Samuel Maoz

Cinematographer Giora Bejach


Production Design Arad Sawat

Sound Alex Claude


Sound Design Alex Claude

Productions Spiro Films, Pola Pandora Filmproduktions


World Sales The Match Factory