Special Advisor - IFFAM - 5th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Special Advisor

Yu Dong

Yu Dong, Founder, Chairman and President of Bona Film Group Co., LTD. one of the most successful film maker, producer, and publisher in China.  Born in Beijing, 1971 and graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1991: World-renowned institution specializing in higher film education. He is now heading various positions as the Vice Chairman of China Film Association, Vice chairman of China Film Producers Association, Vice chairman of China Distribution and Projection Association, Vice chairman of China Film Copyright Owners Association, Vice Chairman of China Film Foundation and Vice Chairman of Beijing Film Association, etc.

Producer representative works: “Operation Red Sea”, “The Captain “, “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain”, “Operation Mekong”, “The Bravest”, ” Mao Ze Dong 1949″, “Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate”, “A Simple Life”, “Unbeatable “, “The Man From Macou, “Overheard” series, “siege in October”, “The Dead End “, “Chasing The Dragon”, “Unique”, “Pegasus”.

Jay Chun

Jay Chun established the Macau Film Academy Limited in 2015 to promote the development of Macao’s cultural and creative industries.   Its main business is the film technology investment, dedicated to talent training and production technology improvement in the field of Macao film, and promoting the development of local film industry.   In addition, the company often supports industry activities and film production with funds and resources so as to support the development of the Macao industry and to lead Macao films to a bigger stage.   Since 2016, the company has been the sponsor of the “International Film Festival & Awards.Macao” (IFFAM) every year; it has contributed to the promotion of the exchanges between Macao and the film industry of other countries and the provision of a communication platform for industry professionals.   In 2016, LT Entertainment Ltd (“LTE”) has created a 13-episode sci-fi series VR movie called “Remember” with LENS Immersive, Pioneer AR/VR Studio and The Pulse VR.    The “Remember” series explore human relationship with technology and the dependence on it, as well as the impact of technology on human.   The film brings the audience to the scene, creating the most entertaining and immersive experience.  The production technology of this drama has triggered the potential of immersive film and attracted high attention from the media.

Alex Dong

Alex Dong is the CEO of Sun Entertainment Culture Ltd., which has invested, produced and distributed over 100 films, totaling more than US$1 billion at the box office.  He is producer and executive producer for over 40 films since 2013, including recent box office successes and multi-award-winning films: “Paradox” (US$83m) and “Chasing the Dragon” (US$93m).

In 2020, Alex financed and executive produced Hollywood films “Palm Springs” which competed at Sundance Film Festival and sold for the record sale (US$22.5m), followed by “The Starling” which starred Melissa McCarthy and sold to Netflix (US$20m). A third film “Cowboys” also won Best Actor and Best Script at Tribeca Film Festival, a major US festival.

Jones Chong

Jones, Chong Cho Lam (Macao S.A.R, China).  Together with Terence Siufay and Lawerence Che founded Chessman Entertainment Production Co. Ltd. (MO).  Macau Artistes Association was established in February of 2014 under the initiation of Jones and Terence Siufay.  As the Chairman of the Board, Jones has worked hard throughout those years in leading and uniting the professional artists and singers of Macao for performing arts industry, conducting various types of charity activities, and contributing with suggestion for the development of the industry.  He cooperated with Hong Kong artist Bob, Lam Shing Bun to establish Chessman Entertainment Production (HK) Ltd. and give impetus to entertainment and cultural industry.

Currently act as the Vice Coordinator of Specialized Group of Committee of Cultural Industries of Government of Macao Special Administrative Region, CEO and Executive Director of Sun Entertainment Group (Stock Code 8082), Executive Director of Sun Entertainment Culture Limited, Founding President and President of Dream Project, and Founding President of Macau Artistes Association.