Patio of Illusion - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Patio of Illusion
Macao SAR | 2019 | 90’ | DCP | Colour | Cantonese | Group: B
Director: Shangshi Chen

2019/12/08 16:30 Macao Tower

Programmer’s Note

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The film follows a young couples relationship as they deal with the changes in Macau since the handover to China in 1999. The film spans over twenty years, beginning with the couples graduation, to marriage and starting a family, all against the backdrop of massive social change in Macau. It is a story of hope, love and innocence as the couple must cope with the ups and downs of during this time which includes the city’s transformation into a casino capital, the SARS epidemic, as well as the financial crisis.


Shangshi Chen

Shangshi Chen, is an independent film director. He has over 10 years of directing experience as a narrative and music video director. Shangshi attended Sun Yat-Sen University in 2000, majored in electronic engineering. He became a singer and songwriter right after college because of his interest in music and art. His first album Reality was released in 2005 and made him won several awards in southern China as “The Best New Male Singer of the Year”. He attended the Musicians Institute in 2007 in Hollywood. He became an independent music video director in 2009 and directed over 40 music videos in 6 years. At the same time, he started his 3D cartoon company “3C Toon Co.”, produced and directed 78 episodes, over 1000 minutes of 3d animation cartoon TV series Space Express. It was shown on many TV channels in China. At the same time, he also produced and directed many short animation projects for the government and public interest in China. He attended ArtCenter college of Design for a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2015, majored in film directing. 《Heaven Knows》,a short film directed and edited by him , Has been nominated for The Los Angeles Film Festiva,The Davis Great Bay Area International Film Festiva,The Mind Field Festiva. Because of his background in engineering and music, he can manage many parts in the production workflow such as writing, directing, editing, visual effects, music and sound editing and composing.

Cast & Crew

Director Shangshi Chen

Scriptwriter(s) Meng Meng Su

Producer(s) Andy Loi

Cinematographer Jeff Su

Production Designer Tengbin Zhu

Editor Shangshi Chen

Music Wendy Cheang

Costumes Designer Mingyi Hong, Weimei Feng

Cast Eugene Tang, Kary Tang, Machi Chon, Bonnie Lei, Elvis Chao. Hedy Kou, Lok Cheong

Production Companies UTV Macau Internet Media Company ltd., Foshan 3C-Toon Media Co. Limited

Distributor UTV Macau Internet Media Company ltd.

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