Back to the Wharf - IFFAM - 5th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Back to the Wharf
Mainland China | 2020 | 119’ | Colour | Mandarin | English subtitle | Group: C
Director: Xiaofeng Li 

2020/12/07 17:00

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Neo-noir Back to The Wharf covers the period of 15 years of time when China was literally building its current superpower status. Mixing suspense and genre elements, the film investigates that murky moral space at the root of great human tragedies, where individual interests and opaque business collide with close relationships and ethics.  Produced by superstar Huang Bo, the film is the latest by Chinese auteur Li Shaofeng and stars Zhang Yu (An Elephant Sitting Still and Dying to Survive) who delivers a memorable performance in defining the tragic character at the centre of the story, “a black hole” – to use Zhang’s own words to describe his fascinating role. The chemistry between the actors co-starring with Zhan – Li Hongqi, Candy Song Jia and Wang Yanhui – Li Xiaofeng’s assured direction and the striking moody cinemaphotography are the key elements that make Back To The Wharf one of the most anticipated films of this year.    



Song Hao, an 18 year-old high school student with excellent grades is involved in the accidental death of a man, and flees his hometown. His life trajectory altered forever, he sets up his existence elsewhere but, 15 years later, he returns home for the funeral of his mother. He meets his father and high school best friend again, and discovers love with an old classmate, but he won’t be happy until he has revisited the scene of his apparent crime and regained control of his life.


Xiaofeng Li

Li Xiaofeng co-wrote and played the lead role in the 2009 Sundance selection Dada’s Dance, directed by the leading Sixth Generation director Zhang Yuan. He completed his directorial debut Ne Zha in 2014, and was nominated in the new director and adapted screenplay categories at the 51st Golden Horse Awards. Li finished his second film Ash in 2016, and was selected at the Busan and Pingyao festivals among others. Back To The Wharf had its world premiere at Shanghai this year.


Director Xiaofeng Li 

Scriptwriter(s) Xiaofeng Li, Xin Yu

Producer(s) He Dun

Executive Producer(s) Bo Huang

Cinematographer Songri Pia 

Production Designer Cheng Zhong

Editor Qi Zhang

Music Zi Wen

Costumes Designer Cheng Zhong

Cast Yu Zhang, Jia Song, Yanhui Wang, Hongqi Li

Production Companies Xiamen Maoying Media Co., Ltd.;
Tianjin Maoyan Weying Media Co., Ltd.;
Fujian Pingtan Turan Movie Co., Ltd.;
Shanghai Hanna Pictures Co., Ltd.;
Wishart Media Co., Ltd.;
Huawen Picture Co.,Ltd.;
Shanghai bridgestream;
Tianma Pictures;
Shanghai Dashui Cultural Development Co., Ltd.


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