The Cloud in Her Room - IFFAM - 5th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

The Cloud in Her Room
Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China | 2020 | 101’ | B&W | Mandarin, English| English subtitle | Group: D
Director: Xinyuan Zheng Lu 

2020/12/03 17:00

* Only available to Hong Kong and Macao area
* Persons aged 18 and above only
* 24 hours time window,12 hours playback window

Programmer’s Note

Just as the clouds passing by the ever-changing landscapes of Chinese cities morph into ephemeral shifting shapes, so too in this film the memories, dreams and desires of the film’s protagonists take on a fascinating and amorphous cinematic form. Formally daring yet pleasantly accessible, the striking debut feature of Zheng Lu Xinyuan uses a hybrid cinematic language: it merges documentary and fiction – interpreted by non-professional actors – into a filmic diary that is as intimate and personal as it is surprisingly effective in conveying the reality lived by Chinese youth today. Shot in soft black-and-white, occasionally reversed into negative – often to strikingly beautiful effect – the film doesn’t shy away from the representation of a world of diverse sexualities. The winner of the top prize at Rotterdam this year, it’s the bold and auspicious debut of a new Chinese female voice whose next work is now eagerly awaited.



It’s a wet winter in Hangzhou. Muzi, 22, comes home for Chinese New Year, where she plays her roles as a daughter, a half-sister, and a girlfriend. One day, Muzi accompanies her little sister to school and meets a local bar owner, the father of another student. The man reminds Muzi of an old friend, reigniting memories of a relationship she had with him that suddenly disappeared into thin air. At the same time, Muzi’s boyfriend arrives for a visit. Roaming in this city that feels so familiar yet distant, Muzi searches for a place where she belongs.


Xinyuan Zheng Lu

Xinyuan Zheng Lu is a filmmaker based in Hangzhou, China. She graduated from School of Cinematic Arts, USC, in the USA with a Film Production MFA in 2017. Her short films were selected to screen at festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival, FIRST International Film Festival, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture and China Independent Film Festival. The Cloud In Her Room is her first feature and had its world premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in Feb this year, winning the festival’s top prize, the Tiger Award.

Cast & Crew

Director Xinyuan Zheng Lu 

Scriptwriter(s) Xinyuan Zheng Lu 

Producer(s) Zijian Wang

Cinematographer Matthias Delvaux

Production Designer Chenchen Sheng

Editor Xinzhu Liu, Xinyuan Zheng Lu 

Music Yun-Fang Tseng 

Costumes Designer Chen Zhi

Cast Jing Jin, Dan Liu, Chen Zhou, Hongming Ye, Kangning Dong, Cuishan Liang, Ruiwen Wang

Production Companies Blackfin Production


World Sales Rediance

International Competition