A Dream of a Lifetime - IFFAM - 5th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

A Dream of a Lifetime
Hong Kong SAR | 2020 | 33’ | Colour | Cantonese, Mandarin, English | Chinese and English subtitles | Group: B
Director: Ricky Hayashi, Yoshi Hon

2020/12/06 11:00

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Programmer’s Note

This inspiring short documentary takes us into the world of water on several levels. Alex Fong is an Olympic swimmer, but the challenge he sets himself here is to swim around Hong Kong, while raising money for the A Drop Of Life programme which builds sustainable water facilities for those in need in Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. The journey to the big day is a long one, and Fong – who is nearing 40 in the film – has to overcome many challenges along the way including learning how to swim in the turbulent open sea and beat fatigue, nausea and strong waves.



At the age of 20, Alex Fong represented Hong Kong in the Olympics. At the age of 30, he was already an actor. Approaching the age of 40, he hoped to accomplish an event that is both memorable and meaningful by swimming the 45km around Hong Kong island. From the time of preparation to the day of the charity challenge, this short documentary tells the story of the swim, showing footage of more than a year of training leading up to the ten-hour swim itself.


Yoshi Hon

Yoshi Hon

Having more than 15 years of experiences in video production, photography, and editing, Yoshi Hon is recognized by his style and talent in capturing the emotions of his protagonists through shooting angles that focus on their subtleties and modern beauty.

As a director, director of photography and photographer, his works are mainly focused on commercial and creative multimedia advertisements. In the recent 10 years, he has also been involved in television program productions, which includes variety shows, travel programs, drama series and etc.

Ricky Hayashi

Ricky Hayashi studied in Japan for a period of time during his early years, after which he came back to Hong Kong and became involved in film and art directing work. His realms of work include advertisement, television dramas, Web series, musical films, concerts, fashion shows and music videos, mainly working with notable brands and celebrities. Artists that he collaborated with before includes Leo Ku, Julian Cheung, Jan Lamb, Alex Fong Lik-sun, Alex Fong Chung-sun, Charlene Choi, Anita Yuen, Vivian Chow, Miriam Yeung and etc. He also partnered with the Tsz Shan Monastery to conceive and shoot a 3D short film related to mindful thinking.

Cast & Crew

Director Ricky Hayashi, Yoshi Hon

Scriptwriter(s) Chong Kei Fung, Grace Long Yung Yu


Cinematographer Ricky Hayashi, Yoshi Hon

Production Designer Yoshi Hon

Editor PHY, Chong Kei Fung, Grace Long Yung Yu

Music Yoshi Hon

Costumes Designer

Cast Alex Fong

Production Companies A Drop of Life


World Sales

Ricky Hayashi

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