My People, My Homeland - IFFAM - 5th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

My People, My Homeland 
Mainland China | 2020 | 153’ | Colour | Mandarin | Chinese and English subtitles | Group: A
Director: Hao Ning, Zheng Xu, Sicheng Chen, Fei Yan, Damo Peng, Chao Deng, Baimei Yu

2020/12/05 11:00

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Programmer’s Note

On October 19th 2020, the China box office has almost reached $2 billion, thus becoming the largest box office in the world and surpassing North America for the first time in history. A large part of this unparalleled success is due to the popularity of My People, My Homeland, a five-story anthology film reflecting in various ways on the main issues put forward by the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, which are poverty alleviation and development in urban as well as rural areas. Capitalizing on the IP and the idea at the root of last year’s commercial success of My People, My Country – how everyday people personally connect with China’s advancement –  this year’s film gathers the best minds and top talents of China’s contemporary film industry. Stars and filmmakers of the calibre of Ning Hao, Zhang Yimou, Huang Bo and Xu Zheng – just to name a few – have joined forces to create an honest, smart and unique film on the real life of normal people interacting with various government’s plans, such as universal subsidised healthcare. The result is a highly entertaining, distinctive work which draws laughter while also being touching and moving. 



In different parts of rural China, various people explore what makes their communities unique. The film consists of five short stories: “The Way Back to Hometown”, “A Beijing Good Person”, “The Last Class”, “A Mystery of UFO” and “The Magical Touches”.


Ning Hao

Ning Hao is a Chinese film director and writer, who first blasted onto the scene in 2006 with his scrappy urban comedy Crazy Stone, establishing a new genre for contemporary Chinese filmmaking and inspiring the emergence of a new generation of Chinese filmmakers.

Cast & Crew

Director Hao Ning, Zheng Xu, Sicheng Chen, Fei Yan, Damo Peng, Chao Deng, Baimei Yu

Scriptwriter(s) Hao Ning, Sicheng Chen, Fei Yan, Damo Peng, Baimei Yu

Producer(s) Miao Zhang

Cinematographer Boxue Wang, MAX, Yin Liu, Ming Sun, Yu Cao

Production Designer Qiang Liu, Lingtong Bai, Xuehao Zhao, Shuo Wang, Ang Gao

Editor Aiyu Qiao, Yiran Tu, Hongjia Tang, Xiaolin Zhou

Music Jiping Zhao, Xiaoou Hu, Fei Peng

Costumes Designer Qiang Liu, Qian Liu, Tingting Liang, Lei Fu, Shuyu Lei

Cast You Ge, Bo Huang, Wei Fan, Chao Deng, Teng Shen, Zhanyi Zhang, Baoqiang Wang, Zheng Xu, Ni Yan

Production Companies Beijing Jingxi Culture & Tourism CO.,Ltd; China Film Co.,Ltd; Shanghai Dirty Monkeys Studios Co., Ltd.; Beijing Lifeng Culture Development Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Wanrong Enterprise Management Consulting Center (Limited Partnership); Such a good film; Beijing Joy Leader Culture and Communication Co., Ltd.; As Onepictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; Slinky Town Pictures (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Orange Image Media Co., Ltd.;

Distributor Beijing Jingxi Culture & Tourism CO.,Ltd; Tiger Pictures Entertainment Ltd;

World Sales China Lion Culture (Beijing) Media, Co., Ltd; Tiger Pictures Entertainment Ltd; wow cool entertainment

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