Under the Open Sky - IFFAM - 5th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Under the Open Sky
Japan | 2020 | 126’ | Colour | Japanese| English subtitle | Group: C
Director: Miwa Nishikawa

2020/12/05 11:00

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Programmer’s Note

Under the Open Sky is the sixth feature by Miwa Nishikawa, who worked for Koreeda on several films and made her directorial debut with the Koreeda-produced Wild Berries in 2003. It’s also her best film yet. Always working from her own original screenplays, she devises stories that gaze deeply at the foibles of human nature. She displays limitless compassion tinged with cynicism in her story of a man released from prison who creates confusion in the people around him, and is aided enormously by the moving lead performance of award-winning actor Koji Yakusho (The Third Murder, 13 Assassins). Yakusho delivers a brilliant, charismatic turn as the ex-yakuza, combining knowing experience with endearing innocence.



A middle-aged ex-yakuza who has spent most of his life in prison gets released after serving a 13-year sentence for murder. He struggles to get a job and fit into society, and his impulsive nature and ingrained beliefs cause friction with the people who are trying to help him. But eventually he builds genuine relationships and accepts support and affection.


Miwa Nishikawa

Discovered by Hirokazu Koreeda and working with him since After Life (1999), Miwa Nishikawa assisted many other directors before making her directorial debut with Wild Berries in 2003. Her second film Sway was selected for Directors Fortnight in Cannes, while her third Dear Doctor (2009) was a box office hit in Japan, winning the 2010 Japan Academy prize for best screenplay. Her three subsequent films Dreams For Sale (2012), The Long Excuse (2016) and this year’s Under The Open Sky all premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Cast & Crew

Director Miwa Nishikawa

Scriptwriter(s) Miwa Nishikawa

Producer(s) Asako Nishikawa, Taichi Ito, Eiji Kitahara

Cinematographer Norimichi Kasamatsu

Production Designer Keiko Mitsumatsu

Editor Ryuji Miyajima, Tomomi Miyashita

Music Masaki Hayashi

Costumes Designer Kumiko Ogawa

Cast Koji Yakusho, Taiga Nakano

Production Companies “Under the Open Sky” Production Committee


World Sales GAGA Corporation

World Panorama