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IFFAM Macao Talents

Jorge Cordeiro dos Santos

It was with enthusiasm that the IFFAM team welcomed the ideas that I have been developing with director Maxim Bessmertny, thus supporting our arduous attempt to write and produce feature films. Especially “Foreign Cop”, which the team selected to take to the Torino Film Lab in 2019. In Torino, we had a great opportunity to mature our intentions, by receiving feedback and notes from experienced professionals, a valuable assist that helped us detect the weaknesses and strengths of our plot, as well as have a broader view of the way the film industry operates. Besides the hard work, it was amazing to spend time with such a diversified group of filmmakers from Macau in Italy, exchanging ideas regarding film and art with other people from all over the globe. Later, in 2019 as work went on, we had the chance to pitch our project in the IFFAM public pitching session, and more recently in the Cannes Marché du Film. The contacts we established have shown to be essential to take a step further in the quality of our local productions, and in getting our films financed. I hope we continue to work closely with IFFAM, and together help establish the Macau Film Industry.


Fernando Lourenço

TFL was a memorable opportunity given by the IFFAM. The programme really pushed us to deliver and work very hard according to the guide set by our experience mentor. The best part of the programme is the connection we get from film makers from around the world and learn from their projects. On top of that, we have got the opportunity to prepare our pitch and got to showcase our talent to these people. The most fruitful aspect of the programme is of course the opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners from the international film industry and have them acting as our mentor throughout the programme. Being part of this prestigious TFL programme also gave us good track-record as we have been selected to participate in this programme.

Penny Lam

這是我第一次入選與參加 IFFAM 合作的「TFL NEXT Feature Film」工作坊,為期一個月工作坊,以修改學員的故事大綱為目的。


而十分國際化的「TFL NEXT Feature Film」工作坊,也讓我重新感受到,世界各國的創作人是如何看待來自澳門的故事。
作為土生土長的創作人,我們又能如何滿足國際上對澳門電影的期望,同時又找到切合本地文化和感覺的影像特色,這或許是 IFFAM 選出我們參加如此深具國際野活動的原因。

借此感謝我在「TFL NEXT Feature Film」工作坊的導師 Eilon Ratzkovsky,以及 IFFAM 的總監Mike Goodridge 一直對澳門新導演的關注。

Oliver Fa


Maxim Bessmertny

In 2019, I had the pleasure of participating in the Script and Creative Production Workshop and Training organised by MFTPA and the Torino Film Lab. A varied group of creatives and filmmakers from Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan departed from Hong Kong Airport together to attend the Torino Film Lab, Italy in two separate workshops in June and November 2019.

I was developing a 1980s thriller screenplay entitled ‘Mendonza’, a story about a detective who is hired to investigate a murder and robbery at one of the casinos in Macau. The project needed a strong script and I invited Jorge Cordeiro dos Santos to join me on this trip as we had both been working on a short film together.

Having developed most of my screenplays under an attic at home, it was a pleasure to be travelling to Europe where one could get fresh ideas and input in intensive classes between delightful Italian meals. We were able to work fiercely on assignments given to us by our mentor Eilon Ratzkovsky, himself a veteran producer.

A great part of this programme was the opportunity I feared at first – pitching your ideas in front of the other thirty or so workshop participants. I always thought it was not the job of the filmmaker to pitch his ideas and would think a guardian angel would do it for me. Luckily, this lab let me confront this fear of voicing out my own ideas and eventually the entire Macau group became much more confident. This was followed by observing the Torino Film Lab final presentations in November which definitely gave me insight and rehearsal ideas for our own presentations at the IFFAM Market that same December.

Tracy Choi