IFFAM PROJECT MARKET - IFFAM - 4th International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Taking place during the International Film Festival & Awards Macao in the framework of its Industry Hub, the IFFAM Project Market (IPM) will once again gather 14 promising feature-film projects under one roof this December.

The historic city of Macao, centuries old and an intersection of European and Asian culture, provides the backdrop for the IPM. The program is designed around collaboration. It exists to bridge the gap between distant lands, bringing filmmakers together with the experienced industry partners and financiers that they will need to bring their projects to life.

With our 14 projects grouped according to type – including Genre Projects that represent the very best in genre-oriented fare, high level Auteur Projects, Macao Projects, and one each from International Partners – participating in a vigorous program with industry professionals from around the globe.

We were honored at the level of success at IPM – with a number of financial deals advanced and secured as well as projects in production thereafter building on relationships forged at IPM. Past participants include: Cannes award-winning director Nicolas Winding Refn, Cannes-selected filmmaker Im Sangsoo, Venice Film Festival-selected Martin Koolhoven, Chinese director Lu Chuan, and the highest-grossing Indonesian director Joko Anwar. Projects that have been progressed to the later stage of production include: The Long Walk (Director: Mattie Do; 2016 IFFAM Project Market selection), and Loveland (Director: Ivan Sen; 2017 IFFAM Project Market selection).



The fourth edition of IFFAM Project Market has the honor to confirm the partnership with the most significant project market professionals. Each international partner brings us one of their outstanding projects:

Blood Window


FIRST Financing Forum

(Mainland China)





If you have any further queries about the Project Market, please contact projects@iffamacao.com