Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok is a Hong Kong actor, singer, and dancer, awarded “Asia Pacific’s most popular artist” award in 1999. He has performed at more than 400 concerts in Hong Kong, China and overseas.

In 2005 the Hong Kong Dance Federation presented him with the Hong Kong Dancer of the Year Award and he remains the only singer who has won this honour in celebration of his dancing and stage performances.

His film credits include “The Bare-Footed Kid”, ”Somebody Up There”, ”The Storm Warriors”, ”China Strike Force”, ”Para Para Sakura”, “After This Our Exile” and “Divergence” for which he won Best Actor at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards in 2005. The following year he won the same award for his work in “After This Our Exile”. Since the he has appeared in “Emperor of Silver”, “The Detective”, ”The Murderer”, ”The Storm Warriors 2”, ”The Detective 2”, “City Under Siege”, ”Love for Life”, ”Love in Space”, ”Floating City”, ”Cold War I”, ”The Detective 3”, ”Christmas Rose”, ”Silent Witness”, ”The Monkey King”, ”Monk Comes Down the Mountain”,”One Night Only”, ”The Monkey King 2”, ”MBA Partners” and “Port of Call” which won Kwok the Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Festival.

Aaron Kwok is a UNICEF Ambassador for the Asia Pacific Regions and the creator of the Aaron Kwok International Charity Fun which was established to help minority groups and develop better living environments in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Aaron Kwok